Nvidia Shield Portable update improves battery life and more

The Nvidia Shield Tablet has been all the hype in the past few months, but the company has reassured fans that it didn’t forget about previous releases either. The Nvidia Shield Portable is a comfortable gamepad running on Android that combines a tablet with a controller. Originally, the Shield Portable was just the Shield, but since the Nvidia Shield Tablet came out, the company felt that it would be better if they renamed the gamepad. The Shield Portable is still considered one of the best hand-held Android gaming devices, even though performance-wise it has been surpassed by the Nvidia Shield Tablet. Now, Shield Portable owners can rejoice since Nvidia has released update v99 which brings battery improvements as well as other fixes to the gaming handheld.

Update v99 for the Nvidia Shield Portable is now available through your update menu on the device. The upgrade contains optional improvements and bug fixes. One of the improvements you should be seeing once you install the Shield Portable update v99 is that the battery won’t be drained as much when the lid is closed. If you have previously experienced problems with playing videos from Facebook, Browser, Chrome or Youtube, the Shield Portable update v99 should now fix that issue, which is great news. The update also enables support for 4K content in Console Mode, which is a nice little tweak many of you will be glad to hear has been enabled.

While the Shield Portable update is pretty big, weighing 480 MB, we think that it is worth your space and should install it as soon as possible. The battery draining issues have been pesky for many users and that’s probably the best improvement the update could have brought. The video playback fix should also come in handy for many of you who own Shield Portablet gamepads. We can safely say that the Shield Portable update v99 is an important one and reassures owners that Nvidia won’t be ignoring its older releases just because the Shield Tablet is now the favorite.