Limited-Time Expeditions From No Man’s Sky Will Be Available From 2022 Instead of Tomorrow

The ‘impossible port’ was made manifest last month when No Man’s Sky took off on Switch. Now, as we’ve come to anticipate from Hello Games, additional content will be heading our way soon, this time in the form of the year’s limited-time expeditions making a comeback.

Since the beginning of No Man’s Sky in 2021, expeditions have been a mainstay. The four events that took place in 2022 (Exobiology, Blighted, Leviathan, and Polestar) as a way to give the game a progression-based twist have given cool rewards and a closer look at just how big this game actually is. Thanks to Hello Games’ announcement that these will be making a comeback, both those of us with Switch systems and those who previously played but missed out on some of the game’s features can jump back in.

The events will continue to last for two weeks, with the first, Exobiology, beginning tomorrow and continuing until January 2023 in succession. The complete schedule is as follows:

  • Expedition 5 (Exobiology): 24th Nov – 8th Dec
  • Expedition 6 (Blighted): 8th Dec – 22nd Dec
  • Expedition 7 (Leviathan): 22nd Dec – 5th Jan
  • Expedition 8 (Polestar): 5th Jan – 18th Jan

The adventures are sure to keep things interesting over the holiday season with rewards that include huge space jellyfish, robot companions, and cosmetic goods. After all, a robot dog isn’t only for Christmas.

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