Galaxy Note 4 camera mod increases image quality and recording times

The Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship from Samsung and it is accompanied by the innovative Galaxy Note Edge which has a hanging screen on its edge. There hasn’t passed much time since the Galaxy Note 4 saw the light of day, yet it is being called one of the best phablets you can get and the best that Samsung has ever made. While the Galaxy Note 4 camera performance was without issues and most users were more than satisfied, there is always room for improvement.

A new camera mod for the Note 4 has surfaced, and those who have tested it are saying that it improves picture quality and extends the recording time on video. Since it is a camera mod, in order for you to use it, you will have to root the Galaxy Note 4, which will void your warranty, so proceed with care. The mod is a new XDA modification and it aims to improve the camera experience on the already high-quality camera outfitted on the new Note. Video recording times also get a nice treatment with the Galaxy Note 4 camera mod – you can now record 10 minutes with dual DHD or UHD and rec ord 30 minutes in dual HD or Smooth Motion.

Another neat feature the mod brings to the camera is that now you will be able to use your flash and the camera even when your battery is low and will allow you to enter the camera application during a call, which can be a handy function. Keep in mind, that you need to root your device, but other than that the XDA camera mod should be easy to install. All you have to do is flash the file through recovery and reboot or simply overwrite the standard camera application. Do you think the benefits this Galaxy Note 4 camera mod brings to the device are worth rooting and possibly voiding your warranty?