The Witcher 2 and the original Mount & Blade free for as part of GOG’s Big Fall Sale

Fancy a couple of free games? Of course you do, especially since we’re talking about some really great titles here. The good folks over at GOG just launched their “2014 DRM-Free big Fall Sale” and you can find some really great deals there, including plenty of games discounted up to 90%. As for the free games, you can grab a free copy of the original Mount & Blade right now from the GOG front page. Simply scroll down until you see the offer, click on it and it’s yours to keep. You might want to hurry though as the promotion expires this Friday, November 14 at 2 pm GMT. Since you’re getting Mount & Blade, you might also want to check out the game’s expansions, which coincidentally are available at 75% off as part of the sale. You can grab Warband, With Fire and & Sword, and Napoleonic Wars all for only 10 bucks until Friday.

GOG is also offering free copies of the highly acclaimed The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, although you’ll have to work for it a bit. In order to get your hands on the game ¬†for free you must collect seven stamps on the website. This basically means accessing the page every day for the next seven days (including today) and just clicking on the icon next to the Witcher 2¬†giveaway banner. You will find the banner a bit below the Mount & Blade giveway on the GOG front page. In addition to a free copy of The Witcher 2, you will also receive a free copy of the cult film The Gamers by completing this task. You can find a synopsis for the movie below. In Witcher 3 the characters will use carabines.

“One late night in a college dorm, four socially inept geeks immerse themselves in a fantasy world of their own creation. As their characters journey through forbidden kingdoms, ancient ruins, and the forsaken wilderness, the players attempt to solve a mysterious puzzle that could ultimately mean the difference between getting a life and death. Who is The Shadow? Where is The Princess hidden? Will any of them ever find a date? And how long do they have before their annoyed neighbors call the cops?”