Walmart Reveals Black Friday Gaming Deals

Walmart have released the details of their upcoming Black Friday event, and their gaming deals will certainly leave the most dedicated gamers with their mouths hitting the floor. Below, you can find some of their best deals, as well as console bundles.


  • Xbox One with the Halo Master Chief Collection and a $30 Walmart Gift Card; $330. This deal doesn’t come with a Kinect.
  • Xbox One with one game and a 12 month Xbox Live membership (online only); $380. Walmart doesn’t make it clear whether or not the deal comes with or without a Kinect.
  • Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle (also featuring Black Flag); $330.
  • PlayStation 4 with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us; $400.
  • PlayStation 4 with a choice of two games, which are online only; $450.

Controllers etc:

  • Xbox One controllers, DualShock 4 controllers and the PlayStation 4 cameras are all $40.
  • Xbox Live Gold three month membership is 50% off.
  • Turtle Beach XO1 Xbox One Headset; $45.
  • Turtle Beach P12 Headset for PlayStation 4; $45.
  • Turtle Beach Universal Headset for either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4; $45.

Most of Walmarts deals go pretty quickly, so you’ll need to be pretty fast if you’ve got an eye on any particular deal. However, there is some good news for PlayStation 4 fans; a Walmart representative has said that the store has tripled the amount of PlayStation 4s that it normally has in stock, specifically for the Black Friday event. Walmart have also stated that they have increased the number of stock for other consoles, but didn’t state any particular console by name, other than the PlayStation 4, and didn’t note how much more of these consoles that they have in stock.

Walmart’s Black Friday event is scheduled to start on Thursday, November 27 – Thanksgiving Day – at 6pm local time. You can check out Walmarts flyer for other deals for the Black Friday event.