Dark Souls 2 can be beat in under an hour

From Software’s original Dark Souls title was a great hit with speed runners and it’s no surprise that Dark Souls 2 was also going to be targeted by fans of the series attempting to beat the game as fast as possible. One of them is Allakazzaror, a speed runner who has set a world record for a glitch free Dark Souls 2 run, managing to beat the game in under an hour. Allakazzaror, whose real name is Corey Coolidge succeeded to beat From Software’s title in 59 minutes and 15 seconds. Although many Dark Souls players would agree that this is a huge achievement, the speed runner’s method is not the most exciting to watch if I’m being honest. This record was set by opening a shortcut which requires 1 million souls to be gathered in a single playthrough, and the fastest way to gather those souls is by defeating the same boss repeatedly. The goal justifies the means, I guess.

This being an any percentage run, not every boss in the game is defeated upon completion. However, these strategies count for competitive speed runs, as they were purposely included in the game by From Software. In spite of the fact that this particular run was successful, the player stumbled upon a few bumps, dying at one point. This costed Allakazzaror about 18 seconds. Dark Souls 2 has numerous types of speed runs; while this one was a glitch free, any percentage run, the game also has glitch runs and all boss runs. A very useful Reddit post has been available for several moths now, showing in detail the speed run methods used for Dark Souls 2.

Considering that Dark Souls 2 is a pretty difficult and challenging title, beating it in under an hour is quite impressive, regardless of the method used to get there. Do speed runs sound appealing to any of you, and if so, have you ever tried them in any game?