PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony claims their console is “the best place to play this holiday”

Both Sony and Microsoft are gearing up for the holiday season with various marketing schemes and promotions aimed at swaying potential customers to their side. Just yesterday, Sony drew first blood by releasing a new commercial in which they claim that the PS4 is “the best place to play this holiday 2014.” One can’t expect anything less from a company trying to promote its product, but is there any truth at all behind this statement? The commercial shows “a variety of exclusives” but nothing released recently, most likely because there haven’t been any interesting ones in a while. Sure, there will be a plethora of awesome PS4 exclusive titles in 2015, but this holiday season the lineup doesn’t look impressive at all.

Actually, most of the big games showcased in the commercial are also available on Xbox One. The only compelling argument Sony makes here is that you’ll get some timed exclusive content for Far Cry 4 and Destiny, which is nice but nothing to write home about. On the other hand, Microsoft has been making a lot of efforts these last few months to prove that the Xbox One is a great console to have. After some limited time price cuts, various promotions, and new releases, the company managed to substantially increase their sales and slowly but surely catch up to Sony. Granted, the PS4 is still leading by a few million in terms of sale, but for how long?

Microsoft is offering some interesting Xbox One exclusives for this holiday season in the form of Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, and of course Halo: The Master Chief Collection. To be honest, this lineup is not exactly jaw-dropping either but still seems better than what Sony is offering. All in all, both consoles are offering very few exclusive titles this Christmas, so they’re hardly “the best place to play” when compared to Steam or even Nintendo. That being said, the Xbox One seems a bit more solid at the moment as Microsoft is really trying hard to compete with Sony and is willing to offer all sorts of promotions for both the console and its games just so it can sell some more units. As for Sony, the big PS4 exclusive are only coming next year, so there’s little reason to believe that it can offer more than its competitors this holiday season.