Baidu is preparing to launch the “Dubike”, a new smart bicycle

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart glasses….what’s next? How about a smart bike? Yes, there is definitely such a thing and it’s being developed by Chinese search giant Baidu, also know as the Google of China. The company named their upcoming product “Dubike” and have recently shared some new details regarding it. This electronic bicycle comes equipped with various sensors that can measure your heart rate, pedaling frequency and speed, seat pressure, and more to provide you with useful information. The sensors on the Dubike collect the data and analyze it with the use of a smartphone app that connects to the bike via Bluetooth.

Based on the collected data, the bicycle then gives you suggestions on how to improve your fitness program and overall health. Also, the bike can provide you with directions that should help you reach your destination faster. These recommendations can also be very useful if you need to reach a certain location but don’t know exactly where it is. Furthermore, the Dubike also comes equipped with tech can transform kinetic energy generated by pedaling into electric energy that’s used for powering all the sensors or charging mobile devices. Another useful feature is the built-in GPS system that can help you locate the Dubike if you somehow manage to misplace it or if someone steals it.

Baidu’s research division, The Institute of Deep Learning (IDL), is even developing a specialized operating system specifically designed for smart bikes. All the sensors, maps, navigation, and the rest of the features will be integrated with this OS, which is expected to power the Dubike. Baidu also wants to share the software with other electronic bicycle manufacturers and make it the go to OS for all future smart bikes. Major details like pricing and release date have been announced yet, but the company is believed to officially launch the Dubike by the end of the year.