Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack: Limited Edition Box Set, Only 5,000 Available

The Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack will be available in a gorgeous limited edition cd and vinyl box set to complete the collection of 5,000 lucky fans worldwide on December 9th. Rockstar Games decided to commemorate GTA V’s debut on XBox One, PlayStation 4 (and the forthcoming PC release) by collaborating with Mass Appeal Records to immortalize the game’s soundtrack in a CD and Vinyl box set.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V will tell you that the soundtrack is solid thanks to original tunes by Tyler the Creator, Twin Shadow, A$AP Rocky, Flying Lotus, Wavves, Yeasayer just to name a few of the artists. If 59 tracks from the game weren’t enough, the 5,000 box sets will include the GTA original score composed by Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Tangerine Dream and Oh No, all mixed by DJ Shadow.

Since the vinyl and CD boxsets will each come with different goodies, fans are faced with a tough dilemma faced by many a music lover: CD or vinyl? Well the CD box set will boast a gold brick shaped USB Drive that’s emblazoned with Grand Theft Auto V branding, artwork, and a poster along with three discs all carefully tucked away in a special die-cut package worthy of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

What about the vinyl purists out there? Fear not! Rockstar ensures that they’re well taken care of as the vinyl collection offers up an exclusive lithograph poster, a full color booklet, and six vibrant color vinyl records all in the classic box-set format.

Got money burning a hole in your pocket now? Unfortunately Rockstar doesn’t specify where you can find the Grand Theft Auto V box sets, except to say that they would be available at “top online and physical record stores.”

You’re not alone if you’re itching to buy this kick ass soundtrack collection courtesy of Rockstar. (I don’t just want it, I need it!) The trouble is that with only a (very) limited run of 5,000 being sold worldwide, you may have to engage in some shenanigans worthy of Franklin, Michael and Trevor in order to snag one.