Xbox Games With Gold December Revealed

Xbox has had an interesting year, it should also have an interesting end to that year. Microsoft announced Xbox Games for Gold for the month of December today. While free games are nice, it isn’t looking very good for Xbox One fans hoping for something great, fans will be somewhat disappointed. As the Xbox Games for Gold in December are not only slim, with one game, it’s also not a very… desirable game for many Xbox One users. The game is Worms Battlegrounds, a game with a score of 70 on Metacritic, which isn’t terrible. Unfortunately for Xbox One players that is all you will be getting from Microsoft during December. The Xbox 360 has 2 though,  starting December 1st Xbox Live Members can download The Raven: The Legacy of a Master Thief and from December 16th to the 31st Xbox live Members will be able to grab SSX. Both games have rather high scores, but also these are games that have been on the market for over a year, SSX in 2012 and The Raven in December 2013.

While free games are always welcomed, some Xbox fans may feel somewhat disappointed with the games given, I know I am. While Sony is giving away some very interesting titles out to members of PlayStation Plus, the Xbox One isn’t getting much. Xbox has had a few good months with Games for Gold, but unfortunately this is not one of those months. I believe I do not stand alone when I say that this December line up is rather disappointing, especially in comparison of what Sony is bringing to the table. If you want to see the announcement it comes from Major Nelson’s blog.

Sadly the end of the year for Xbox seems rather disappointing, with Ori and The Blind Forest delay, prolonged Halo: Master Chief Collection issues, some not great items to celebrate year one with Xbox, and a slim Games for Gold,  it’s somewhat disappointing. While Xbox one has had a great year overall, the ending leaves much to be desired for fans.