XBox One: Wearable Device Out Next year

XBox One fans are a buzz with the news that Microsoft plans on releasing a wearable device next year. The word is that the as of yet unnamed mystery device would be tied into the XBox One’s extensive selection of fitness apps.

A rep from XBox One supplier, Exertis, had this to say: “The wearable market is always growing and we can expect to see Microsoft rolling out a spate of devices next year in this space. These will be linked to the XBox One which has loads of health and fitness apps already in it – add that to real time heart rate monitors, health bands, scales and video sensors and users will have day in, day out, real time monitoring of themselves.”

This would not be Microsoft’s first venture into the wearable device market. The recently released $200 Microsoft Band is their entry into the wearable fitness tracking device market. While it seems that the Microsoft Band was impressive on paper, the end result left some reviewers less than enthused.

Having a wearable device that could be integrated into XBox One’s robust fitness programming would be a great way for users to build a more complete fitness profile as this mystery device could track a user’s daily activities beyond their XBox related work outs.

This isn’t the only interesting new accessory on the XBox One’s horizon. XBox One head honcho Phil Spencer turned whispers into murmurs when he addressed the possibility of there being an XBox One VR headset. Spencer said, “New technologies invite us to explore new gaming worlds. I believe that Kinect, voice, and virtual reality are those key new elements. That’s why I’m glad that Sony and Oculus are investing in VR. We’re also working on an investment of our own, but it’s not at a stage in which we can talk about it yet.”

Let’s just say that with the possibility of being able to unlock fitness achievements with a wearable accessory and VR headset, there will be a whole new crop of super fit XBox One players in 2015.