Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon Teaser Site Releases New Clips

Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon was unveiled earlier this week. Since then, information has been let out little by little. Now a new teaser site for the game has given a few more detail on the upcoming title.

Through the teaser site, seen here, a few new clips have been released (you can see those below). The clips show off various game mechanics, such as character creation, always changing dungeons, leveling, monster houses and traps, and various other elements. These clips come soon after Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has released some info on the title. While the title will keep the setting and customization options of the Etrian Odyssey titles, the game will have the rougelike dungeon-crawling gameplay of the Mystery Dungeon series. Exploring the dungeon and battle will play out like the Mystery Dungeon titles, but party creation will borrow from Etrian Odyssey.

The latest crossover title from both Spike Chunsoft and Atlus, Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon is not the first mash up game that these developers have done. Recently Atlus released Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, a mix up of Persona 3 and 4. As for Spike Chunsoft, they have a lot of experience creating mash up titles with various other franchises. Perhaps the most well known series is the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, which took the characters from the Pokemon franchise and set them in a roguelike setting. A Mystery Dungeon that focused on the Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series has been released as well.

Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon will release in Japan on March 5, 2015. There is no word yet on whether or not the title will be leaving Japan. The title will be available for the 3DS system. If the title follows as much of the Etrian Odyssey series, there is a good chance that we will see the game get localized.