Etherium Gameplay Video Released

Etherium is a new RTS title from development studio Tindalos Interactive. Ahead of the game’s early 2015 release, the studio put out a gameplay video showcasing the world of Etherium.

With development coming to a close, a gameplay trailer for Etherium has been released. The trailer, seen below, gives a look at how the game will play, as well as some background on the game’s lore. The game features 3 different races to play as, each with unique commands and strategies. Each race as their own special skills, such as espionage, climate control, and precognition. The game features a range of different types of units, such as infantry, tanks, and airships. Players must manage their resources and build outposts to extend their control of the map. The game also features a dynamic weather system that will have an impact on a player’s strategy. Players can use a sandstorm to approach an enemy base unseen, or cross a frozen river to attack an enemy base from behind. Each of the game’s 7 worlds has different environments: an arid desert, icy worlds, and island archipelagos.

There will be three non-linear campaigns in Etherium, with one per race. Etherium will also feature multiplayer, in which up to 4 players are pitted against each other. Victory can be achieved in one of two ways: complete annihilation of the enemy, or the building and protecting of orbital cannons that will attack the enemy fleet in a geostationary orbit above the theater of war. In the game, the players main resource is Etherium. Players will use it to develop their base, deployment locations closer to the front, additional army slots, and the chance to upgrade their technology in order to build more powerful units. Players will have access to Command Skills, which can change the tide of battle. Some skills are common to all three races, while others are specific to a certain race.

Etherium will release on PC. The game is expected to release early next year.

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