Bethesda reveals patch notes for Elder Scrolls Online patch 1.2.6

Update 3 is scheduled to hit the Elder Scrolls Online sometime early next month and will be mostly be focused on the Guilds from the looks of it. We still have a bit to go until then so Bethesda decided that it will be a good time to release a smaller patch prior to Update 3 just to be on the safe side. Patch 1.2.6 as it is called doesn’t feature any new additions, but rather comes with fixes and improvements for issues related to gameplay, quests, combat, exploration, and more. Like most other MMO’s, The Elder Scrolls Online is an on-going project and bugs are bound to arise from time to time so it’s a good thing that Bethesda was kind enough to address them. Below are some of the highlights coming with Patch 1.2.6.

  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash during combat while in Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed an issue so Cyrodiil weaponsmith merchants will now carry the appropriate mix of blue and purple weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to capture any keep to receive credit for the quest Capture Blue Road Keep. You can now only capture Blue Road Keep to receive proper credit.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause low FPS after you leave combat.
  • Caltrops: Fixed multiple issues where using this ability would reduce your game’s performance.
  • Vampire Clouding Swarm: Fixed an issue where you could get up to a 500% speed buff while wearing the Night’s Silence armor set.
  • If you’re above Veteran Rank 10, you can now use the Looking For Group Tool to queue for all Tier 1 Veteran Dungeons: Spindleclutch, Banished Cells, and Fungal Grotto.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the entire interior of a building in Daggerfall to offer gauntlets to loot, rather than just targeting the actual gauntlets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Berserker enchantment was not scaling properly with either glyph level or quality.
  • Added a notification to the login screen that tells you where to go to subscribe to the game.

The patch also comes with fixes for some of the Elder Scrolls Online’s buggy quests, including two of the main ones: Halls of Torment and The Weight of Three Crowns. Aside from all of that, there are a few more fixes here and there but overall these seem to be the most noticeable ones. For the complete patch 1.2.6 patch notes visit the official Elder Scrolls Online website.