PS4 firmware update details expected to arrive “very soon”

Update: Sony posted the following Tweet a short while ago:

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We keep hearing news about how Microsoft pushes a new update every month for the Xbox One. Meanwhile, Sony seems to be taking its sweet time in doing the same for the PS4. Some might say that the system is more well-rounded than its competitor and doesn’t need a whole lot of patching. While this may be true, the fact of the matter is that Microsoft keeps adding new features and improvements that have caught the attention of many people. Lately, we’ve seen the Xbox One making significant progress towards catching up with the PS4, which means that the Japanese company needs to act fast if they don’t want to lose anymore ground.

Luckily, they seem to be well-aware of this fact and are planning to release a new firmware update sometime in the near future. We’re not sure what the update contains yet, but PS4 owners have been asking for 3D and Mp3 support for a while now so let’s hope that Sony decides to listen. According to Fred Dutton, “more news on PS4 firmware updates very soon. Stay tuned.” When asked if he can give a more specific time frame, he said that no further info can be given at the moment, but he reiterates that it will come soon. “Alas, not at present. More info to come soon though,” Dutton said.

It seems we’re left guessing for now, but at least there is confirmation that a firmware update is indeed in the works. The PS4 still lacks some of the features promised ahead of its release, such as the “suspend mode” among others. With this feature you can reportedly put the console in sleep mode while playing a game and then resume it whenever you wish. Sounds very useful, right? Unfortunately there is no news on when this and other promised features will make it to the PS4. Maybe in the upcoming firmware update, who knows. In any case,  Sony’s head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said last month that these features are coming.

All that remains now is to find out when. “I am asking the same question to my tech team every other week,”Yoshida said. “Because every day I get reminded by lots of people: ‘Where is this? Where is that?’ It’s a great reminder for me.” Hopefully we’ll get to see them sooner rather than later. We’ll let you know the moment we hear something new so stay tuned.