Bravely Second Demo Coming to Japan Next Week

Bravely Second, Square Enix’s upcoming sequel to Bravely Default, recently received a preview showing off a couple of the game’s villains. It was written in the preview that players could soon expect a demo. It seems that “soon” will be during next week.

Square Enix announced that a demo for Bravely Second will be hitting the Nintendo eShop next Wednesday, on December 10th. In the demo, players will play as the Three Musketeers, a group within The Orthodoxy Knight’s who serve as the knight’s leaders. Set several years after the events of the first game, Bravely Second will feature a new protagonist by the name of Magnolia Arch. She is from the world’s moon, and is the last of her kind after demons destroyed her homeland. Game producer Tomoya Asano has said that Bravely Second will explore more of the land of Luxendarc.

Talks of a sequel to hit JRPG Bravely Default had been in talks since December 2012. The sequel came up again in June 2013 when game developer Yasumi Matsuno announced on Twitter that character designer and lead artist Akihiro Yoshida was working on a Bravely Default sequel. It was in winter of 2013 that Bravely Second was officially announced. In the story, Agnes Oblige from the first title has become the newly inaugurated Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy,  and is working to bring peace with the Duchy of Eternia. However, shortly before signing the peace treaty, Agnes is kidnapped. It falls upon her protectors, the Three Musketeers (the characters playable in the demo) to save her. The game’s soundtrack will be composed by Ryo from the band Supercell.

Bravely Second is set for a release in Japan this winter. There is no word on if and when they game will be released outside of Japan. The title will release on the 3DS.

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