Fake Xbox Support Accounts Harassing Gamers

Xbox Live was down last night for a few hours, while the service is back and running, it doesn’t look like fans can have a moment to rest. As fake Twitter Xbox accounts are running rampant and promising free games. Who doesn’t want free stuff? The accounts are @XboxSupportPST and @XboxSupportCST. While their Twitter bio says they are parody accounts, some people are clearly still believing them. The accounts have also been open for some time before the Xbox outage, after the Xbox Live outage, they tweeted apologies about the outage and promised free games to members. Many people will be very disappointed to know that these accounts are fake and that the real Xbox Support is simply @XboxSupport


The accounts have not only posted fake console giveaways, competitions, and free games, but they have also replied to real users with real questions. These questions are answered with various rude messages, ranging from lewd to just plain out racist. One of the messages even tells a user to kill his family, fantastic. The official Xbox Support is doing their best to have users go directly to them, but it is easy to see why people would be fooled by these fake Xbox Support accounts. While some users are clearly offended by these things, they should know the accounts are fake and that Xbox is not affiliated with them whatsoever.


While I am not entirely sure how I would respond to an Xbox representative telling me to murder my family, I do know it wouldn’t be positive. So, if you received a very… mixed message from Xbox Support then odds are it’s from one of these fake accounts. You should be sighing with relief right now, as one a company you are a consumer to did not post pornographic imagery, racist statements, or anything else inappropriate. However, you will be disappointed to know that Xbox will not be giving you anything for the few hours that it’s services were out last night.