KitKat now runs on more than one third of all Android devices

Google released their latest monthly Android distribution report in which they reveal the percentage of devices running on each major update of the operating system. The figures say that in November a total of 33.9 percent of all devices were powered by KitKat while almost half – 48.7 percent – were still using JellyBean. We can notice a slow but certain transition towards the newer update as back in October JellyBean was running on 50.9 percent of Android devices. Meanwhile, the KitKat distribution was only at 30.2 percent back then. Now the said update has finally reached more than one third of all devices and its distribution will presumably continue to increase at a steady rate

As for the older versions of the operating system, statistics show that Ice Cream Sandwich is powering 7.8 percent of devices, Gingerbread can be found on about 9.1 percent, and Froyo is still on 0.5 percent. These numbers represent a small decrease compared to last month when 8.5 percent of all Android devices were running Ice Cream Sandwich, 8.5 were powered by Gingerbread, and 0.6 were using Froyo. It’s worth mentioning that Google only takes into account Android devices that have accessed the Play Store at least once during a certain month for the purposes of these statistics.

The search giant also mentions that Android Lollipop can now be found on about 0.1 percent of devices. This percentage is far from being significant, but it’s not surprising either considering that the update only started rolling out a few weeks ago. The roll outs are happening very slowly, so it will take a while longer before the distribution of Android Lollipop reaches a noticeable percentage. As always, Google is first updating its own devices to the latest version of Android, followed by Google Play Edition devices and then all the others. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.