Binding of Issac: Rebirth to Double in Size with New Expansion

Binding of Issac: Rebirth, the expanded 16-bit version of Binding of Issac, is looking to grow with a new expansion, creator Edmund McMillen posts on his blog.  Rebirth released almost a month ago on November 3rd, but McMillen realizes that “most of the hardcore fans have 100%”d the game” and are looking for more.

McMillen goes on to state that after the holiday season is done, developer Nicalis will get back to work with the new game, working on Rebirth’s planned expansion.  The expansion, which should come out sometime in 2015, is planned to have a new game mode that will practically double the amount of content within the game itself.  In addition, McMillen also hopes to add new enemies, bosses, endings, items, and even a new playable character into the already content-heavy rogue-like game.  Finally, McMillen is taking new item suggestions over at Reddit, so those with a bit of a creative flair can go and try to get their dream item into Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Binding of Issac: Rebirth is the revamped version of The Binding of Issac, a 2011 Flash based action rouge-like.  The game explores a dark world conjured up by the mind of Issac, who is hiding from his abusive and religiously inclined mother during one of her rampages.  The macabre setting aside, The Binding of Issac provides much in the way of fast-paced and tense gameplay, using Issac’s tears as a customizable weapon.

The Binding of Issac: Rebirth takes the original game to a new engine, ditching Flash for a more suitable engine that can run the game without issues.  As such, many items, enemies, and other features were added back into Rebirth that were taken out of the original title due to technical reasons, the new content adding up to roughly the size of the original game’s first expansion.

Keep an eye out for more information regarding Rebirth’s new expansion early next year.