Get the Sword of Crota in Destiny

The Sword of Crota was one of the more unique missions found in Destiny. The mission, titled Sword of Crota, allowed you to wield a weapon very reminiscent of the Gravity Hammer from Bungie’s previous Halo series. While the story mission is replayable, the weapon does not carry over into regular gameplay and instead disappears. Now, after a new update to Destiny, the Sword of Crota is available for a short time via a random event. The mission occurs on both the Moon and Earth, according to Reddit users. Once the event occurs, titled, “The Blades of Crota,” you will be tasked with hunting a gold Hive Knight. The Hive Knight is distinguished from others since he is called “The Blade of Crota.” Once defeated, the sword will be usable for a couple of minutes as you run around the surrounding area.

That’s not the only addition from the recent update. Also in the patch was new buffs focusing on exotic weapons and armor. Requirements for materials in order to upgrade weapons and armor have also been removed, making end game grinding a bit easier since you no longer will be required to farm materials and collectibles to upgrade that weapon you have. Some other fixes took place, some for raids and adding Destination materials to daily challenges. Destination materials are world specific materials such as spinmetal which is only found on Earth.

Destiny is the new FPS series from Bungie with heavy MMO influence. The game is always connected to the internet and seamlessly fills your world with other players. Special events often bring players together to take down tough enemies and participate in challenges. The game was released for all major consoles except for Wii U on September 9. The first expansion pack, The Dark Below, will be releasing on December 9.