New Vita Games Coming in 2015

The PlayStation Experience was a great time for PlayStation Vita owners, as the keynote and show floor had ten new Vita games coming in 2015. These new Vita games were announced by Gio Corsi, head of #buildthelist on Twitter, and game developers like Tim Schafer.

  1. Suikoden and Suikoden II are both coming to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 as PlayStation Classic titles. Pricing is estimated to be $9.99 and they are to be released today, December 9. Suikoden I and II are both PlayStation One games released in 1996 and 1999 respectively. They are RPG titles developed by Konami and Suikoden II is widely regarded as one of the greatest JRPG’s ever made.
  2. Towerfall Ascension was released on the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, and when the upcoming DLC The Dark World releases early in 2015 the game will also be released on PlayStation Vita. TowerFall Ascension on Vita will also include the DLC.
  3. Octodad Dadliest Catch will be coming to PlayStation Vita early next year. The indie title stars a regular guy just trying to live a regular life. The difficult controls ensures the player will have a difficult time controlling Octodad and encourages them to engage in strange activities.
  4. Super Time Force Ultra is coming to PlayStation Vita in spring of 2015 and will come with a bonus character, Shuhei Yoshida. In the game Yoshida will use his phone to attack with emoticons and tweets. More PlayStation characters have been teased to join the roster upon release.
  5. The Banner Saga, a title following a group of vikings and played as a tactical RPG, will be coming to PlayStation Vita early next year.
  6. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is being produced by PlayStation’s third party production team and will be released alongside the PlayStation 4 version.
  7. Bastion, the first title from Supergiant Games, will be coming to PlayStation Vita in 2015. Bastion was first released on the Xbox 360 as a downloadable title and Supergiant Games next game, Transistor, was released on PlayStation 4 and PC earlier this year.
  8. Shovel Knight, a kickstarter title that has been well received by the community, will be released on PlayStation Vita in 2015. The title will also feature Kratos as an additional boss you can do battle with. The game is currently available on Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and PC.
  9. Broken Age, and adventure game from Double Fine, will be released as a complete edition on PlayStation Vita when the second part is released on PC.

That is a total of ten new Vita games coming to the system in 2015, if you separate Suikoden I and II into two games. While none of them are exclusive to Vita, some will be a more natural fit onto the portable system. Basion, Shovel Knight, and Super Time Force Ultra will most likely be best played on the Vita. Don’t forget that Grim Fandango Remastered and Hotline Miami 2 are coming to Vita, as are other indie titles such as Jungle Rumble and Severed. 2015 looks to be a great time for PlayStation Vita owners!