HTC One M9 leak shows off front panel, maybe a tablet

A new HTC One M9 leak involving some pictures of the upcoming flagship’s front panel show off a 5.2 inch display. The HTC One M9 is code-named Hima, thanks to notorious leaker upleaks, and it seems like more and more HTC One M9 leaks are showing up all over the internet. Upleaks had mentioned that we would not only see an HTC One M9 aka Hima, but an HTC One M9 Prime or Ultra or Ace, whatever you fancy.

According to the most recent HTC One M9 leak however, the new flagship from the straining company will have a 5.2 inch display, which will supposedly take advantage of a QHD resolution. If another new flagship will be launched next year from HTC, we should expect to see an even larger display on that one, at least 5.5 inches big. Recent HTC One M9 leaks talks about the controversial Snapdragon 810 being the CPU chosen for the upcoming flagship, and even mention that some Bose sound enhancement might also come in the package.

The HTC One M9 leak with the front panel being revealed comes from French website No Where Else, which¬†has previously leaked specs and stuff for other HTC flagships, so we’re pretty sure they’re not bluffing. According to upleaks and No Where Else, the HTC One M9 Ultra could be the follow=up to the One Max phablet, which would mean a large high-res display with great specs to boast with. At the same time, rumors say that another version similar to this year’s HTC One E8 could also exist for the HTC One M9. Another HTC One M9 leak includes mention of a Windows Phone version, for the Ultra and Ace (maybe they’re two different versions) if the phone. Seeing as releasing a Windows version of the HTC One M8 was a successful move on the part of the company, we don’t see why they wouldn’t do a repeat of that.

HTC One M9 leak: front panel, photo courtesy of
HTC One M9 leak: front panel, photo courtesy of

The HTC One M9 leak doesn’t just deal with various iterations of the upcoming flagship, but details something we didn’t expect to happen so soon: an HTC tablet. HTC just launched the Nexus 9 alongside Google and its Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it is currently one of the most popular devices on the market. Seeing as the launch just passed in November, we didn’t expect HTC to venture into the tablet market after its previous flop so early.

The new HTC Tablet should be available in both Wi-Fi and LTE versions and rumors say it would be based on the Nexus 9, which seems fair. The HTC One M9 leak also mentions that the tablet will probably be released next year, but an exact date or quarter hasn’t been mentioned. What we can assume is that Android 5.0 Lollipop and Sense UI should come in the box. In any case, this latest HTC One M9 leak is the biggest so far and since it comes from a pretty trustworthy source, we should brace ourselves for 2015, because HTC might be planning a comeback!