Shuhei Yoshida Playable in Super Time Force

Super Time Force Ultra is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita and will have Shuhei Yoshida as a playable character. Super Time Force was previously released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One followed by a Steam release later in the summer. The game is now coming to PlayStation and is adding a new character, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide studios. Shuhei is known for his Twitter presence, often responding to fans and changing his Twitter icon to fanart pictures of himself in various PlayStation related titles. Shuhei will be using his phone to attack enemies in Super Time Force Ultra, with hearts being his base attack and tweets being his special charge attack.

This announcement came during the PlayStation Experience Keynote on Saturday morning. Capybara games are developers of Super Time Force and were tasked with creating his character and the trailer a few weeks before the announcement. Shuhei Yoshida also requested they send him a picture of himself in the game so that he may change his Twitter icon as soon as the announcement went live.

Super Time Force was a great game when it came to Xbox 360 and Xbox One earlier this year and will be at home most on the PlayStation Vita. Super Time Force Ultra appeared on Steam in August and came with more levels and special Valve characters. Capybara games also mentioned that Shuhei won’t be the last Sony related character in the game.

Super Time Force is about a time traveling squad of heroes who travel throughout time messing with various timelines such as the death of the dinosaurs and Atlantis. However by stopping these events from happening they created the timeline that generated the team, and from there things get crazy. The game is very focused on being lighthearted and comedic, with lots of throwaway dialogue and great characters such as Zackasaurus a skateboarding dinosaur. Super Time Force Ultra releases for PlayStation 4 and Vita in spring of 2015.