No Galaxy S6 Edge flagship after all: disappointed?

The Galaxy S6 Edge was rumored as being the sibling of the upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship from Samsung in 2015. While the Galaxy S6 release date is pegged for March or April 2015, we thought that the Galaxy S6 Edge would have been launched alongside the redesigned flagship. It seems that the plans (if there were any, in the first place) to release an edge-design Galaxy S6 Edge which would supposedly be the smaller version of the Galaxy Note Edge have been cancelled or postponed. We hope the latter, since we loved that Samsung did with the Galaxy Note Edge.

The Galaxy S6 Edge specs would have included a curved and flexible display that would have made this phone innovative and a great alternative to the supposedly classic Galaxy S6. Rumors and reports said that we would be seeing a Note Edge clone with a flexible display, which would have been an amazing feat, even though it would have been a bit early to tout such a technology. The regular Galaxy S6 release date still stands though, but it seems the Galaxy S6 Edge might not be released, as per our favorite Samsung-related info leaker, SamMobile.

We are fairly sure that if the Galaxy S6 Edge is booted, the Galaxy S6 regular will not come alone, as most leaks and reports point towards two different models. Our supposition is that Samsung will release a model with a Snapdragon chipset and another one with its own Exynos chipset, as we’ve been accustomed to. The Galaxy S6 specs that have been leaked online include a 5.5 inch QHD Super AMOLED panel similar to that on the Galaxy Note 4, a Snapdragon 810 CPU, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, 16 or 20 MP primary camera and 5 or 13 MP secondary camera and Android 5.0 Lollipop, naturally.

Even though we’ve no confirmation from Samsung on whether the Galaxy S6 Edge will be an upcoming 2016 variant of the Galaxy S6, nor do we have official word on the specs of the Galaxy S6, we are fairly sure that SamMobile is right in what they’re saying. Nonetheless, we would really like to see the Galaxy S6 Edge being released next year, and not as a limited edition as the Note Edge was. We think Samsung would do well with a redesigned phone, even though Project Zero aka the Galaxy S6 should encompass that already. What do you think? Will Samsung release a Galaxy S6 Edge or will the Galaxy S6 come alone?