Dying Light is 1080p/30FPS On PS4

Don’t look so surprised, but we have new information about Dying Light! Dying Light has been in the news quite often. Dying Light has had insane requirements, an intro trailer, and Oculus Rift support announced fairly recently. Dying Light releases January 27th, 2015 and it has been in the news often. Well, it is another news day and Dying Light is in the news… again. This time it is all about the PS4 version of Dying Light, as Dying Light has been confirmed for 1080p/30 FPS on the console. I think some people maybe somewhat surprised, but I can’t say that I am. 30 FPS seems to be the go to for consoles as of now, but I am happy to see the game at 1080p. The confirmation comes from the lead game designer, Maciej Binkowski, the game designer was answering questions on his Ask.fm which seems kind of odd. Anyway, Binkowski answered a good amount of questions on his profile.

He also stated that a demo for Dying Light is not likely and that you will be able to unlock every skill at max level. All very interesting things. While Techland originally stated that 60 FPS for Dying Light was doable, it appears as if something has change,d as we are no longer there. Binkowski did not state anything about the Dying Light on the Xbox One, it may be the same, but lately it has not been that way.

Lately the PS4 has had a higher resolution than the Xbox One. It will be interesting to see if Dying Light will be 1080p on both Xbox One and PS4. Right now it is only confirmed for the PS4 version. I am sure these will be announced and detailed further for Dying Light some time soon here. Dying Light is coming out relatively soon here, so expect even more news on the game!