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Dying Light to Support Oculus Rift

Dying Light is making some interesting things happen. With some very interesting features announced and a new season pass for Dying Light the game is rather hyped up. Well, it should get more hype as they have announced VR support. The support for Oculus on Dying Light will be out when the game is officially released, so players won’t have to wait to virtually jump in to the game. This is all according to an interview with the lead game designer on Dying Light, Maciej Binkowsk. While Oculus Rift isn’t quite ready, Dying Light will support the Virutal-Reality headset regardless. Stating “”Right now, there’s no such thing as official Oculus support because we still don’t know what that means yet.” The interview comes from Digital Spy and it is very telling for people interested in the Oculus Rift as well as Dying Light.

While the Oculus Rift isn’t available to the general public yet, they do have development kits that people ahve bought. I am assuming that Dying Light will work with these upon its commercial launch. While Oculus Rift does not have a release date as of now for the general public, Dying Light does. Dying Light will release in North America on January 27th and is promising some pretty great things. With the base of the game being a zombie apocalypse with parkour, Dying Light also has many things going for it. The ability to play as a special infected and hunt down survivors being one of those, but now it features a new depth of gaming.

While not many AAA games have come out with Oculus Rift support, it should be interesting to see how well Dying Light runs with it. The company is said to have been working with Oculus Rift rather closely for the past few months. Dying Light is personally one of my top anticipated games of next year.Nnow with Oculus Rift support, my hype has somewhat gone up a little bit. It may have gone up more if I actually had access to the Oculus.


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