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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review


Call of Duty: Black Ops III has been three years in the making, and it shows once things take off. Though the campaign is insanely confusing and sometimes boring, the absolutely fantastic multiplayer and zombie modes are irresistibly fun, and three separate level-up systems loaded with unlockable and customizable content make this the biggest Call of Duty game to date. NOTE: ...

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ZombiU Goes Multiplatform as Zombi


ZombiU was an unexpected launch title for the Wii U. A gory, gritty, first person survival horror game wasn’t exactly what we expected to launch alongside the newest Nintendo platform. However, I’m very happy that it did. ZombiU was (and still is) a standout title on Wii U and is definitely a must-have for owners of the system. It provided moments full of ...

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H1Z1 Q&A Video

H1Z1 Q&A Video

We have received a large chunk of information for H1Z1 today. The release of Early Access was one of these things. H1Z1 will launch on Steam’s Early Access January 15th, 2015. Well, that’s not the only H1Z1 related information we have received today, because after the release date announcement, the developers hosted an H1Z1 Q&A on Twitch. The Q&A was ...

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H1Z1 Early Access Date Announced

H1Z1 Release Date Announced

Not much news has been brought out about H1Z1 since earlier this year, but now we finally have an Early Access date! H1Z1 will be available in Early Access on January 15th, 2015! H1Z1 is that open world zombie game you’ve heard barely nothing about! With a release date though, you should be hearing a lot more about it. The ...

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Dying Light to Support Oculus Rift

Dying Light Mods

Dying Light is making some interesting things happen. With some very interesting features announced and a new season pass for Dying Light the game is rather hyped up. Well, it should get more hype as they have announced VR support. The support for Oculus on Dying Light will be out when the game is officially released, so players won’t have ...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature “Exo Zombies” starting in January


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is certainly an amazing game but many fans of the series feel that it lacks a certain something. Something slow moving that wants to eat your brains perhaps? You know where this is going. Zombies! Fortunately, the game will not be missing this crucial component for much longer. Developer Sledgehammer Games announced earlier today that Exo ...

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Ray’s the Dead is coming to PS Vita


Ragtag Studio, the developer of Playstation 4 and PC title “Ray’s the Dead”, announced that the game will also be released on the PS Vita. Players will be able to purchase it through the Cross-Buy feature. The game doesn’t have a release date yet. Ragtag Studios plan on implementing features such as touch screen support for the Vita version. They ...

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New Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer is jam packed with blood and gore


Back at E3 2014 Deep Silver announced Dead Island 2, the sequel to the highly successful survival horror developed by Techland. The cinematic trailer released then is extremely entertaining and presents a game that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Unlike its predecessor, Dead Island 2 doesn’t try to be all that dark and scary, opting instead to go for a more ...

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GTA 5 rumored to get single player DLC, said to be PS4 exclusive


Rumor has it that Rockstar plans on releasing some downloadable content packs for GTA 5. Moreover, these DLCs will apparently only be released for the PS4, but they might also just be timed exclusive, so bound to come out on other platforms as well at some point. Users on the GTA forums have found some interesting information within the game’s source code ...

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5 Best Zombie themed games for Android


If you are a fan of Zombie movies or TV series like The Walking Dead, you probably enjoy spending your time blasting hordes of the undead back to their grave on your favorite android device. Fortunately you’ll have plenty of games to choose from nowadays as the market is filled with games featuring our favorite brain eaters. We gathered 5 ...

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