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I'm a journalism graduate and an occasional gamer. As a kid I used to own a NES clone called "Terminator 2", which was hugely popular in my country. I like old school games and adventure games but I occasionaly play RPG's and Shooters as well, though I wouldn't call myself an expert at these kinds of games. When I'm not writing or playing games I prefer reading detective or fantasy novels.

Rockstar gives away a customized San Andreas iPad Mini 3

In order to mark Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ tenth anniversary, Rockstar Games announced that they are going to give away a customized San Andreas iPad Mini 3 tablet and ten prize packs worth of collectibles from the Rockstar Warehouse. You can enter the competition through Rockstar’s Facebook app until Wednesday. The iPad Mini 3 they are offering has 128 ...

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Get a guaranteed Evolve Big Alpha code through Curse Voice

Get Evolve Big Alpha codes from Curse Voice

According to 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios, downloading the Curse Voice VoIP communication platform grants you access to the upcoming Evolve Big Alpha. In fact, as of now, Curse is the only website on the internet which still offers registration codes for the 4v1 experience that takes place next weekend. And get this, you are guaranteed to receive a ...

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The importance of resolution in games

How important is resolution in games

Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson recently stated that, in his opinion, resolution is not an important aspect of a game. At least not more important than the game being fun, interesting and enjoyable. “It’s certainly not something I care about in a game,” Hutchinson said in an interview with Total Xbox, “It feels weird to me that people ...

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Mojang reveals when Scrolls will get out of beta

Mojang says Scrolls will be out of beta by the end of November.

Swedish developer Mojang announced that their collectible card game, Scrolls, will be released approximately by the end of November. Scrolls has been in development for over three years, but the developers couldn’t finish it earlier due to their commitments to Minecraft and its community. The game is currently in open beta stage, but Mojang aims for a full release around ...

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Xbox boss talks about future IPs and a possible Minecraft sequel

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks about ther new IP and about the possibility of a Minecraft sequel.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that, while remaining committed to their existing franchises, Microsoft is also working on several new IP’s. Phil Spencer also added that the new games they are preparing for the Xbox consoles don’t fit the space marine shooter or the racing genres. He says that Microsoft’s focus should be on making games that are different from ...

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Activision offers Xbox One users CoD: Ghosts bundles at high discounts

CoD Ghosts bundles offered by Activision and Microsoft at high discounts for Xbox One owners.

Accordng to Activision, Xbox One users can get the Call of Duty: Ghosts collections of customization items, characters and personalization packs, at discounts up to 61% off until October 27. The items are available through three special bundles. Activision and Microsoft are offering the three different Call of Duty: Ghosts bundles at special prices. First of all, there’s the Ultimate ...

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Rockstar confirms GTA San Andreas HD remaster, reveals release date

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD remaster confirmed.

After several rumors emerged on the Internet (including on Load The Game) that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is getting a re-release on Xbox 360, Rockstar Games confirmed the news and announced the game’s release date. The rumors began once GTA San Andreas was removed from the Xbox Originals Marketplace and were additionally fueled by a brand new list of ...

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EA Access members can play NBA Live 15 right now

EA Access members can now play NBA Live 15

According to EA Games, members of their EA Access program can now play the upcoming NBA Live 15. Scheduled for a 28th of October release, EA’s basketball game is available to these users as a trial version of the full product. The publisher state that NBA Live 15 can be downloaded from the EA Access Hub and played by the ...

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AC Unity trailer showcases the game’s open world, side quests and more

Assassin's Creed trailer showcases the game's open world.

Ubisoft released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity, which showcases the open world eighteenth century Paris, along with some of the open world activities present in the game. In other words, this trailer shows us the co-op heists and the murder mysteries, among others. Regarding the game’s setting, Alex Amancio, the Assassin’s Creed Unity creative director, says that they ...

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