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Ray’s the Dead is coming to PS Vita

Ragtag Studio, the developer of Playstation 4 and PC title “Ray’s the Dead”, announced that the game will also be released on the PS Vita. Players will be able to purchase it through the Cross-Buy feature. The game doesn’t have a release date yet. Ragtag Studios plan on implementing features such as touch screen support for the Vita version. They are also planning on including support for interaction between the Vita and PS4 versions.

During “Ray’s the Dead”, you will play as a zombie called Ray. Most of the game is set in flashbacks that explore the protagonist’s past. According to the developer, the flashbacks are important because of several reasons. First of all, you will meet many of the characters from Ray’s past in the present. More to the point, flashbacks serve as a mechanic for unlocking Ray’s abilities. Certain circumstances in the game trigger these flashbacks. During them, Ray the zombie will remember skills and abilities from the past, that he can now use in the present. The story in a nutshell is that Ray rises from the dead and creates a zombie army during his quest to find out how he was killed.

“Ray’s the Dead” was first announced at E3 2013. Since then, Ragtag decided to crowdfound the game through Kickstarter. The campaign began on August 17 and has already exceeded the $30.000 goal by over 5000 dollars. However, you can still back the project until September 22. Funding the game on Kickstarter is equivalent to pre-ordering it, as the developer offers a copy to every backer. The game will eventually be released on Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

The game will feature a 80’s setting, with a soundtrack composed by Jake Kaufman. It is a fresh take on the zombie genre and a game that sounds as fun as it probably will be. “Ray’s the Dead” once again shows us what indie developers can do without being pressured by a big publisher.

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