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Walking Dead: The Telltale Soundtrack Vinyl – Price, Cover, Release Date

While Telltale Games’ critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead series has come to an end, there are still more releases related to the series that are on the horizon. One such release is a vinyl edition of the game’s soundtrack, which is set to launch in just a couple of weeks. Amazon has recently posted a product page for it, revealing things like the price, cover, track list and release date.

First up we have the track list, which is split up over four LPs:

Disc: 1

  1. A1 Clementine Suite
  2. A2 Terror Mysterious
  3. A3 Fathers and Sons
  4. A4 Family Ties
  5. A5 Lights Out
  6. A6 Division
  7. A7 Bitter Revenge
  8. B1 Long Road Ahead
  9. B2 Training Clementine
  10. B3 Refractions
  11. B4 Dark Rooms
  12. B5 No Time Left
  13. B6 What a View
  14. B7 Passages
  15. B8 the Gauntlet
  16. B9 Prison Bus
  17. B10 Escape in the Car
  18. B11 Flashlights
  19. B12 Hiding in the Corn
  20. B13 Go Fish

Disc: 2

  1. C1 Truck Stop
  2. C2 Solitude
  3. C3 Wandering
  4. C4 Scavenging Survival
  5. C5 Bound for Glory
  6. C6 Finding Food
  7. C7 the Valley of the Shadow
  8. C8 All That Remains
  9. C9 My Name Is Clementine
  10. C10 Standoff
  11. C11 Sarah’s Song
  12. C12 Snooping Stranger
  13. C13 Moonstar Lounge
  14. C14 Carver
  15. D1 Escape Plans
  16. D2 Carver’s Cruelty
  17. D3 Stay or Go
  18. D4 Jane
  19. D5 Fireside
  20. D6 Auto Repair
  21. D7 Jane Worries
  22. D8 Clem Awake
  23. D9 Snowbound
  24. D10 the End of It All

Disc: 3

  1. E1 a New Frontier Opening Titles
  2. E2 Whispers from the Past
  3. E3 a New Frontier
  4. E4 Kate
  5. E5 Above the Law Opening Titles
  6. E6 David the Father
  7. E7 David’s Plan
  8. F1 David’s Dilemma
  9. F2 Revenge or the Deal
  10. F3 Dominoes
  11. F4 Kate’s Regrets
  12. F5 Brother, Father, Husband, Son
  13. F6 Beyond the Frontier

Disc: 4

  1. G1 Done Running
  2. G2 Alvin Junior
  3. G3 Ericson’s
  4. G4 Violet
  5. G5 Plans Change
  6. G6 Aj
  7. G7 the Raiders
  8. G8 Lilly Returns
  9. G9 McCarroll Ranch
  10. H1 Louis
  11. H2 Minerva
  12. H3 the Chimes
  13. H4 James
  14. H5 the Parable of the Twins
  15. H6 Angry Aj
  16. H7 Thank You
Considering that this is a soundtrack that spans an entire series and is split across four LPs, it should come as no surprise that the price is on the steeper side of things. Amazon currently has it listed as $114.98, though their prices do tend to fluctuate. Regardless, getting this soundtrack on vinyl will not be cheap.
Finally, the release date is set for March 6th, so those interested don’t have much longer to wait until they get their hands on it. Pre-orders are available now, which guarantees you the lowest price available if the price drops prior to release. You will also get release date delivery if you are a Prime member. Be sure to check out the cover below.
The Walking Dead Telltale

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