Bloodborne Special Edition Details Revealed

Bloodborne is an upcoming action title that borrows from the Dark Souls series, all while injecting some personality of its own. For those that are waiting for the game, Sony has put out details on two special edition packages that players will be able to pick up.

There will be two special edition options for Bloodborne: the Collector’s Edition, and the Nightmare Edition. First is the Collector’s Edition. This edition comes with the game inside of a special SteelBook case. It also comes with a premium art book that contains exclusive concept art, and a digital soundtrack from the game. The Nightmare Edition pack will include everything in the first Collector’s Edition, and more. It will come with a Bloodborne gothic notebook, and a quill and red ink set. It also comes with a special in-game skin, and a bell trinket. All of this comes inside of a special tin designed to look like a set of books.

Though the game does borrow elements from the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls titles, Bloodborne does have elements that separate it from the other titles. Combat is faster paced, and focuses more on an offensive approach to take out enemies, as the main character is more agile. There is also a new risk vs. reward system that works through Bloodborne’s health regeneration mechanic. Within a small window of time, players are able to regain portions of lost health by striking back at their attacker. The game’s plot takes place in the Victorian city of Y’harnam, which is supposed to have a potent medical remedy. People travel to the city to gain this remedy, including the player’s character. Upon arriving there, however, it is discovered that a plague has turned most of the people into monstrous creatures. The player then has to fight to survive.

Bloodborne releases in North America on March 24th in North America, and March 25th in Europe. The game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.