Cicret Bracelet: your arm will be the display and interface

The Cicret Bracelet is a neat little invention that has recently surfaced and it looks more like some concept renders of the wearable of the future than something real. We’ve already seen the technology being used in certain research, but the Cicret Bracelet has made it as far as to make something that looks more bionic than anything else. The Cicret Bracelet makes use of your arm and turns it into the display of the wearable as well as the interface you use to interact with the Cicret Bracelet.

Wearable technology is in a continuous state of evolution, so we were expecting something like the Cicret Bracelet to show up sooner or later. Wearable devices that can project things on your limbs aren’t very common, but it seems a French company (the team behind the Cicret private messaging app) has managed to create a bigger version of Google Glass, so to speak. The team is based in Paris, France and the Cicret Bracelet might be the innovation of the year when it comes to wearable. This year has been very crowded in the wearables department and we’ve seen numerous breakthroughs and design innovation in the technology. We’ve seen a dozen Samsung smartwatches, but we’ve also seen the launch of the round Moto 360 and LG G Watch R as well as a preview of the upcoming Apple Watch. While all these devices are impressive, I don’t think they’ll manage to impress as much as the Cicret Bracele does.

Similarly to Google Glass, the Cicret Bracelet uses a microprojector and proximity sensors to emit an image on your arm and let you interact with it as if it were a touch screen. The proximity sensors will recognize your gestures and control the wearable. You will be able to see a whole display on your wrist, which is enough to make me call the Cicret Bracelet an innovative product. The Cicret Bracelet is still in development, which means you won’t be able to get your hands on it, not even if you turn to the back doors of tech retailers. Nonetheless, the French team is progressing and the Cicret Bracelet should reach its crowdfunding goal by next year. At least we hope it does, because it’s a great idea. If the wearable makes it to production, you’ll probably be looking at a device more expensive than other smartwatches and wearables out there. The Cicret Bracelet price is estimated at around $500, which is quite hefty for a wrist-accessory, but if all goes well, the small device might be able to replace your smartphone altogether. No matter your OS of choice, the Cicret Bracelet will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but should act as a standalone device, too.

Cicret Bracelet: your arm is the display and interface, at the same time