LTE Nexus 9 now available at retailers for $600

The LTE Nexus 9 has just been made available for purchase at various retailers including the Google Play Store. Even though the new HTC slate is a bit pricey, it is already being called one of the best tablets you can find on the market. The LTE Nexus 9 is not different from the Nexus 9 save for the fact that it doesn’t only have Wi-Fi, but LTE connectivity too. T-Mobile was the first to unveil that it had the LTE Nexus 9 up for grabs for $600, after which the Google Play Store also listed the new tablet.

The LTE Nexus 9 can now be had for $600 from T-Mobile or the Google Play Store. Orders placed in the Google Play Store will be shipped by December 19, so you should calculate shipping time pretty well if you plan on getting the LTE Nexus 9 as a Christmas gift. The only drawback of the LTE Nexus 9 release is that at the moment, you can only get the black version with 32 GB internal storage. If you decide to order the LTE Nexus 9 from Google, the tablet will work on most major U.S. carrier networks such as Sprint and AT&T.

The only difference between the Nexus 9 and the LTE Nexus 9 is 10 grams, making the latter a bit heavier. Otherwise, the LTE Nexus 9 specs include an 8.9 inch display with a 1536*2048 resolution, 281 ppi, BoomSound stereo speakers like we’ve seen on the HTC One M8, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage with no microSD card slot, an Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU with a Kepler DX1 GPU, an 8 MP primary camera with a LED flash and a 1.6 MP secondary camera. Those specs are the same as for the regular Nexus 9, so if you are the type of person who would rather just have a tablet with phone functionality than a phablet or a small phone or the combo between the tablet and a phone, the LTE Nexus 9 should meet your needs. Oh and Android 5.0 Lollipop should be incentive enough in both the Nexus 9 and the LTE Nexus 9.

The expensive LTE Nexus 9 is certainly worth the price with great specs and reviews. According to most reviewers, the Nexus 9 and ultimately the LTE Nexus 9 are among the best slates they’ve tested aside from the iPad Air 2, so you would definitely be making a good investment. Even though the LTE Nexus 9 has the same specs as the regular one, we might see some impact on battery life. Even though the 6700 mAH battery on both variants should be good for 8 or 9 hours of moderate use and Google did reinforce that belief, we might see some minor differences in battery life. In any case, it’s good that the LTE Nexus 9 is finally available for purchase so get a move on if you’re interested.