PlayStation Experience Interview – Amplitude

At the PlayStation Experience I was able to walk around the show floor, play upcoming titles and talk to the developers making the game itself. It was a great convention, not super packed like PAX and Comic Con tends to be. There were still a lot of people, especially the first day of the PlayStation Experience. Despite that the community itself was very friendly, with people conversating while in line and everyone just seemed happy to be able to attend something like this, myself included. The week before the PlayStation Experience was set to start I began emailing various developers who were confirmed to be attending in the hopes of setting up an interview. Thankfully I was able to secure a few, including one with Harmonix about their upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game, Amplitude.

Amplitude is a soft reboot of a PlayStation 2 game of the same name. Harmonix’s first games were Frequency and Amplitude, which predated their work on Rock Band. I was curious about why they chose Amplitude over Frequency, the first game they ever created. I talked to Nick Chester over email and he set up the time for the interview. He was also the one who let me play the game at the PlayStation Experience and explained the mechanics since i had never played Amplitude on PlayStation 2. Anette, who has been with Harmonix for around three years now, was the one who would be talking for the interview itself, which you can find below.

The team working on Amplitude are obviously very passionate about their game, and especially improving upon the foundation set a decade ago. They were also very worried about those final hours on Kickstarter before the project was fully funded. It seems some surprises are still in store, since they didn’t want to quite confirm that tracks from the original will be returning. What they had playable currently, made in-house, sounded great. There will be one more PlayStation Experience interview coming up so don’t miss it!