Mortal Kombat X gets its long awaited patch

Mortal Kombat X had quite the support after its release in 2015, the best selling game in the franchise has had up until now two DLC packs with more than 8 new characters to choose from. But if there was a criticism players had it was the lack of balance patches in 2016, many considered the game to have balance problems and the fact that the last patch release happened in March wasnt particularly helping. After months of waiting a patch is finally releasing on October 4th.

Unlike other fighting game patches, where usually only a couple of the characters are tweaked, the latest Mortal Kombat X patch changes pretty much every single one, the size and scale of the patch is so unbelievable that fans are calling it “like a brand new game”  and “one of the best patches yet”.

The patch changes so many elements that it sounds like it will be the last major one released for the game. As Injustice 2 comes closer to its release date and a new Mortal Kombat game enters development (because you know they will make another one), the difficulty of developing and updating 3 games at the same time seems like overreaching when they could release this patch, maybe another DLC pack and then stop supporting it.

Details on the patch can be found on the following link: