Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrating Life Day

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been letting players experience the Star Wars universe for a few years now. Now, the game will be holding a celebration for the Wookie holiday Life Day.

To celebrate Life Day, players can participate in some festivities. Gamers will be able to join a special snowball fight starting today, which will last from December 16th to January 6. Players must be levels 10-60 in order to participate. During this special mission, every snowball thrown during Life Day gives players a chance to be awarded with a Snow-Covered Parcel. These parcels can be exchanged for festive rewards at the “Master of Ceremonies” at the Galactic Trade Market sector in the Imperial and Rebel fleets. Snowball Bombs and Fireworks can be purchased at this time, and players can get a number of awards.

Players will also be able to take on another mission for Life Day in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Gamers will be able to take on the Parcel Droid mission during the same time period of the snowball fights. Players must once again be levels 10-60. Completing this mission will award players with a special Life Day Holo-Tree. There will also be special Cartel Market Life Day items. These range from special mounts to decorations and more.

Taking place over 3,000 years before the original films, Star Wars: The Old Republic released in 2011. The game originally required a subscription, and has now adopted a free-to-play model, though the option to pay for a subscription in order to unlock more features. The game was originally the most expensive game ever made, though Grand Theft Auto V has now taken that title. Players are able to create characters from a number of species, and can choose from various classes, including Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunter, and Trooper classes. Players can also visit a number of planets from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for PC. Just recently a new expansion was released: Shadow of Revan. Thee expansion added new quests and missions, and increased the level cap to 60.