Landmark Update Adds Monsters and Caves

Landmark is an upcoming MMORPG being developed alongside EverQuest Next. Recently, it was announced that Landmark will be receiving an update that will add a wealth of new features.

In the new Landmark update, players can expect a few new things. The first is a network of caves. There will be 5 layers of caves for underground exploration, with mining veins of metal and gems, treasure-filled ruins, buried monuments (some created by Landmark players), and monsters. There will be five types of new monsters, both above ground and under. Each of the five will have a unique mode of attack and strategies to learn. Players will also be able to combine a wide variety of new lootable/craftable equipment to customize their play style and experiences in combat.

In addition to the above, the latest Landmark update will include new weapons and armor, including the Obsidian Daggers, Crescent-Bladed Broadsword, Dusk mail, and Prismatic Raiment. There will be accessories with enhancing abilities, and new collectible recipes to craft the latest and greatest items. Players can salvage items from equipment, and travel faster with new portals being added. There will also now be graveyards; if players die above ground, they return to the hub, but if they die underground, they are released into one of the graveyards underground. Other additions include additional props, tooltip improvements, voice chat, and a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements.

An offshoot of EverQuest Next, Landmark allows players to build the world around them. Currently, the game’s focus is for players to gather materials and build various things, including a home or fortress. Players can craft specialized tools to use and discover different materials and items within the game. Gamers stake out claims and build whatever they want on them. There is exploring to do, and players can travel between servers and islands, all of which are comprised of different biomes.

Landmark is currently in beta for the PC. To participate in the beta, players can buy a variety of packs that give them access to Landmark.