Top Ten Android Games of 2014

We’ve had our share of great Android games this year, but picking through the thousands of new games in the Google Play Store may become annoying, so we’ve selected the top ten Android games of 2014 so that your feelers won’t get overwhelmed. Many Android users complain that they never have anything to play because there are thousands of games out there that turn out to be boring or just not that entertaining so as to keep your attention for more than 15 minutes. Our top ten games of 2014 list will try to give you ten great games that will definitely spark your attention.

1. Badland

Badland (you can get it on the Play Store for free) is my favorite game this year, and I love it because it’s easy, simple and it has wonderful graphics and sound effects. In Badland, you control a black blob with weird eyes that you have to guide and multiply through the mazes and puzzles to reach…. you know, we have spoilers. The dark and gloomy world of the game definitely qualifies for a spot on the top ten Android games of 2014 list, even though the game might turn out to be weirder than you would have thought.

2. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Surprisingly, this game was quite fun to play. I say surprisingly, because I’m not a fan of FPS games. Nonetheless, Modern Combat 5 intrigued with its 3D combat and it demonstrated that good ol’ shooter can be fun even on Android. You wouldn’t expect less than a great game from Gameloft would you? You can get Modern Combat 5 for $7 on the Play Store and the 3D world of the game makes it the runner-up on the top ten Android games of 2014 list.

3. Plague Inc

This strategy game is for those of you who harbor thoughts of world domination and love bio-warfare. In Plague Inc, you use viruses to wipe out mankind and see all those petty humans suffer. You need to plan your progress and take down countries one by one. World domination is definitely this year’s great trope and that granted Plague Inc the third spot on our top ten Android games of 2014 list. If you are a peace-maker and lover of all humans, this is definitely not for you. But it’s a worth a try, since it is free on the Google Play Store, maybe you will get in touch with your demonized inner-self.

4. Thomas Was Alone

Even though most of you have probably already heard about this platform game, we cannot omit it for the sake of those who haven’t. Thomas Was Alone is a must-have game, even if it will set you back $6. If you like weird puzzles and near-unsolvable quests that you ponder on for hours, this game is for you. The abstract, artsy world of the game will definitely prove it deserves a spot on the top ten Android games of 2014 list, no matter who compiles it.

5. QuizUp

Trivia can be beneficial for your mind and will surely help you can some extra-knowledge up there in your grey matter. I’m a big fan of trivia games, and QuizUp is the best I’ve found so far. You play against real opponents in a game of knowledge and speed and at the end, you end up knowing more than you started out with. The game has tons of categories to choose from and you can try your hand in any field of study. What’s best about it and the reason why it ended up on our top ten Android games of 2014 is the fact that’s it’s free.

6. Voxel Rush

Since this edition of top ten Android games of 2014 aims to satisfy all kinds of mobile gamers, we couldn’t omit adding Voxel Rush to the pot. This racing game is as minimalist as it gets and the color-block technique employed in graphics is more than classy, in my mind. It’s a great racing game with tons of extra features and levels and you get to enjoy great graphics along the way. You can get it for free in the Play Store.

7. Osmos HD

If puzzle-games are your thing and you like playing with single-cell organisms, Osmos HD is the perfect fit for you. In this game, you play a cell organism and you need to grow and evolve. You need to learn to manage your resources and the blobs you create look amazing upon creation. It’s a fun game to pass the time and it will certainly make you ponder upon evolution and darwinism and such. You will have to pay $3 for it, but it’s definitely worth it, that’s why it’s on our top ten Android games of 2014 list.

8. Worms 2: Armageddon

I’m sure at least half of our readers are familiar with the Worms saga. I loved playing this when I was a kid and my favorite thing about it was the sound effects when worms died. It’s absolutely wonderful and an extremely funny game, so I’m wondering why I didn’t choose it as the first one on the top ten Android games of 2014 list. Even though I’m not a fan of strategy games, Worms 2: Armageddon is absolutely addictive, especially with multiplayer modes. The game will set you back $5 on the Play Store and it’s a pretty massive game.

9. The Wolf Among Us

This one is the most expensive game on this list, but it is well worth its price as well as a spot on the top ten Android games of 2014 list. I personally love the comic-like graphics of the game, specific for Telltale Games. It’s a violent fairy tale that pegs a wolf against humans, and while the first episode of the game is free, you will have to pay $15 for the remaining 4 episodes. Don’t play it with the lights off.

10 Clumsy Ninja

Last, but not least, we’ve got Clumsy Ninja, the cutest game of them all, available for free. If you’re more of an action-adventure fan, this game will surely fill your time nicely. You get to cruise around as a cute little ninja in a massive world filled with interactive opportunities. I personally love the animation and the chickens. It’s pure fun and features that Pixar-like animation-style many of you surely enjoy. Happy gaming!