PlayStation Now Subscription Pricing

PlayStation Now Subscription prices have been announced by the PlayStation Blog with an accompanying YouTube video explanation. On January 13, coming first to PlayStation 4, various PlayStation Now games will all be available to stream for one subscription price. The PlayStation Now subscription price is broken between a one month and three month package at $19.99 and $44.99 respectively. There will be over 100 PlayStation 3 games available at launch, including Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, Bioshock Infinite, Batman Arkham City and God of War Ascension. The service is launching in North America first, with no word on when it will become available to PlayStation users in Europe and Asia.

Sony purchased Gaikai, a game streaming service back in July of 2012. At CES last year PlayStation Now was announced to be coming to PlayStation 3 in a closed beta. That beta then became open in July of 2014 for all PlayStation 4 users. The open beta came to PlayStation 3 in September and PlayStation Vita in October. The service will come to Europe in 2015 and Sony also announced last month in December that PlayStation Now will be coming to other brands such as Samsung’s Smart TVs. Before this overall subscription price, games were sold individually for 4 hour, 7 day, 30 day, and 90 day time frames with varying prices between individual titles.

PlayStation Now requires at least a 5-MBps internet connection as well as a Dualshock 3 controller. Unfortunately there are no PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 titles yet available but they are still being planned on releasing sometime in the future. Currently a majoirty of experiences of PlayStation Now has been that the service is fine but not as great as playing the game natively on the PlayStation 3. The service has a long way to go before it’s something that you should definitely check out. While the PlayStation Now subscription pricing is moderate and not expensive, the service itself isn’t worth the price tag just yet.