Lizard Squad Member Arrested

Lizard Squad have formed a name for themselves within the past year, with attacks on the PlayStation Network and Destiny’s network. Now, it seems that an alleged member of the group has been arrested.

Vinnie Omari, a 22-year-old who is suspected to be a member of Lizard Squad, was arrested last week after British law enforcement agents conducted a raid on his home. In an interview, Omari confirmed the raid, saying that the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit “took everything. Xbox One, phones, laptops, computer USBs, etc.” A press release from the Thames Valley Police further confirms the arrest, listing it “on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offense.” Omari was released on bail on Tuesday. He noted that these are just alleged charges, and that he is waiting to hear back from the forensics team investigating.

Lizard Squad has taken credit for the DDoS attack on December 25th that took down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. A DDoS attack will overwhelm a network with too much traffic, leaving that network inaccessible. The attacks that Lizard Squad made on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live left millions without service at one of the biggest times for new consoles. On Tuesday, Lizard Squad launched a service dubbed Lizard Stresser, which allows customers to use the hacking collective’s technology to launch a DDoS attack on any target. Depending on the length of the attack, prices range from $6 to $500. A member of Lizard Squad going by the alias “Dragon” has said that the attacks on Sony and Microsoft were a “huge marketing scheme” for Lizard Stresser. Another member of the group calling himself Ryan was also arrested and questioned.

Lizard Squad has taken credit for various network attacks over the past year. One of their biggest attacks made this year was the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live attacks, along with various other servers, stating that they do it “because we can.”