Minecraft Name Change Feature On the Way

Minecraft has become one of the biggest gaming phenomenon to appear in years. While the game has been around for awhile, there is still no way to change your username. That feature, however, may be coming.

On the Minecraft support page, it is mentioned that the ability to change your username is planned for the future. The page then clarifies that Mojang does not have a set release date for the feature. They have made it clear, however, that the ability to change usernames will not be available before Minecraft version 1.8. This does not mean that 1.8 is the release date for the feature. The ability to change usernames will be free, and limited to a certain number of changes within a given time period. Usernames can only be changed on Minecraft profiles that are on a Mojang account. As Minecraft servers use a player’s unique identifying number, players with a cape, that are server admin, or are whitelisted or banned on a server cannot change anything. Also, usernames cannot be changed to an existing name.

The alpha version of Minecraft was released in 2009. The full version of the game released in 2011. The main appeal to the game is the ability to use various blocks to build almost anything that players can imagine in a Creative Mode. Along with Creative Mode, there are a few other modes. This includes a Survival Mode, where players have to use natural resources that they find to craft certain items. Monsters spawn when the game goes into night, forcing the player to build shelter. There is also an Adventure Mode, where players can play through user crafted maps and adventures. Players can also view things in a Spectator Mode, which allows them to fly around and watch gameplay without interacting.

Minecraft is available for PC, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.