Razer announces Android-based gaming console called Forge TV

All the big boys from the tech industry are currently at the CES 2015 waiting to unveil all their latest and greatest products. Among them, we find Razer, which already announced a number of new gadgets, including something that goes by the name of Forge TV. Although the name might hint at something else, the Forge TV is actually an Android-powered gaming console aimed at “hardcore” PC gamers. More specifically, the Razer Forge TV is what the company calls a “micro-console”. This device has been charged with the rather difficult task of moving PC and Android mobile gaming out of the dark corners of your room and into the blinding light of the living room.

In short, Razer wants to provide PC and mobile gamers with some of the benefits generally associated with console gaming, namely a big, flat TV screen, if you happen to have one that is. If not, a smaller one might do the trick as well. As some of you may already be aware, there are other similar products out there, such as Google’s Nexus Player for example. However, this particular micro-console was clearly built with gaming in mind as it allows users to make good use of all the popular game clients out there. These include things such as Valve’s Steam, Blizzard’s Battle.net, and EA’s Origin, to name just a few. The Forge TV achieves this by using the Razer Cortex streaming service, which connects the console to your PC or Android smartphone.

Razer also says that this is the first micro-console to work with GPU’s manufactured by both Nvidia and AMD. As for the price, we’re looking at $99, plus and addition 50 bucks if you also want the new Razer Serval bluetooth controller to go with it. Alternatively, you may want to consider the new keyboard and mouse combo dubbed Razer Turret. The Forge TV console is expected to become available for purchase sometime during the first quarter of this year.