LG G4 release date is around the corner

The LG G4 release date is supposedly around the corner, sources saying that MWC will be the place where LG decides to finally reveal the successor to the appreciated LG G3 of last year. While there’s no official word on how the LG G4 will look like or what additional features it will provide, we have a good library of various leaks to base our assumptions on. The LG G4 release date is nearing and leaks are piling up, detailing hardware, software as well as a high-end display that will be adorning the new flagship.

One of the most recent rumors about the flagships concerns its display and acts as some sort of confirmation in most people’s minds that the LG G4 will come with a pretty large, probably 5.5 inch display with QHD resolution. There were rumors flying around about even higher resolution (4K maybe), but in our minds, it might be redundant to put such a strain on the processor and battery so early on in the development of the technology since there is little a smartphone can actually do with such a high-resolution display.

Some sources, basing their assumptions on a user agent profile that has leaked online, say that the model number for the LG G4 will be LG/H810, and judging by the same user agent profile, the resolution will stay at QHD, namely 1440*2560. Our humble opinion is that the resolution is more than enough for a phablet, even if it means it isn’t upgraded compared to the LG G3. Another assumption about the flagship is that it may not keep the 5.5 inch display says, opting for a smaller 5.3 inch panel instead. A Snapdragon 810 CPU is pretty much confirmed, since it is already present in the LG G Flex 2 and we don’t expect LG to come out with a flagship that has less processing power than a niche-device.

We are looking forward to MWC and the many new devices we expect to see there, including the LG G4, Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 Hima. We are wondering which of these flagships will become the most popular of the year 2015 and what kind of upgrades will warrant the best smartphone of the year prize from users as well as critics. We could see some surprises from all these companies, as OEMs are continuously gravitating towards curved and flexible displays, high-power battery units and extreme screen resolutions. Stay tuned for more on the LG G4 release date in case our MWC assumption turns out to be wrong (we doubt it).