Top 5 Android Games to play – August 2014

We’re back for another round-up of Android games that are worth picking up. There’s a huge diversity of various games out there, so it’s obviously easy to get lost. If you don’t want to spend hours installing and uninstalling apps from your phone or tablet, you can take a look at our recommendations for the latest free Android games. Quality mobile gaming is easily obtainable if you know what to look for, so let’s see what the 5 best recently released Android games are!

Leo’s Fortune – $4.99

Leo’s Fortune became available on iOS initially, and has made its way to Android in July. The game received extremely positive reviews on its iOS version, and for good reason. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best mobile platformers you can get your hands on today. From gorgeous artwork to an engaging gameplay, it’s one game you shouldn’t miss. Granted, it costs $4.99, but in turn, you’re spared from in-app purchases, ads and the like. You can go through it in a couple of hours, but if you want to get all the collectibles, you’ll have your work cut out for you. This is a jewel of gaming, and not just for mobile platforms, so definitely give it a shot.

Zeppelin Assault

Zeppelin Assault comes from Quantic Development, a studio that has recently started developing mobile games. Don’t be fooled however, the team has been providing QA services in the industry for a long time, and it shows. Zeppelin Assault is a polished platform shooter, filled with boss fights, over the top weapons and challenges. It’s a great experience, and the game’s steampunkish artwork certainly deserves recognition. Zeppelin Assault also manages to look great while running smoothly on older smartphones, such as a Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s competitiveness comes from sharing high-scores online, and getting impressive high-scores isn’t as easy as you’d think. And, to set it apart from the competition, Zeppelin Assault also comes with a great weekly comic-book that you can read free of charge on the game’s official Facebook page. Make sure to give it a try, it’s a great game from a studio that certainly looks promising.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout – $6.99

Yes, it’s a rather expensive game for mobile platforms, but Modern Combat 5: Blackout is made by Gameloft, and that should pretty much settle any doubts you might have about its quality. Modern Combat 5 is simply among the best FPS experience you can have on a mobile. Gorgeous 3D graphics combine with a gameplay that reminds us of Call of Duty. You do have to pay for it, but once you do, there’s nothing left to worry about – no adds, no microtransactions, none of that. You pay for a premium experience, and Modern Combat 5: Blackout delivers. If you’re a fan of the FPS genre, you can’t miss it.

Thomas Was Alone – $5.39

It seems that this month, most of our recommendations cost money. Still, $5.39 isn’t exactly a fortune, and when you get your hands on Thomas Was Alone, you’ll put away any regrets or doubts you might have initially had. The game seems simple in premise, but is actually complex and beautifully designed – you’re playing as a rectangle that’s trying to make friends with other shapes. It’s an amazing platformer with an interesting story to tell and a unique setting. The depth of thought and effort that went into Thomas Was Alone can be felt from the first minutes. We promise, that rectangle will make you smile during those early-morning subway rides.


A fairly old game that has just recently popped up and gained attention, Timberman brings a simple concept that proves to be addictive. You play as a lumberjack, with the sole goal of chopping down freakishly large trees. In order to cut, you’ll have to dodge branches and the like. It’s extremely simple in principle, but like Flappy Birds, it can be quite challenging. Of course, it’s nothing like Flappy Birds – this game actually looks pleasing to the eye. Oh, and it’s completely free, so get chopping!

What are you currently playing on Android?