Elite: Dangerous Players Try to Chart Out Galaxy

Elite: Dangerous features a massive galaxy of over 400 billion stars. Now, a group of players are forming together to try and map out all of these stars in their entirety.

Over a thousand players have banded together to try and map out Elite: Dangerous’ entire galaxy. The Great Expedition has come together to plot out all 400 billion stars, or at least come as close as possible. This means they will have to do a bit of planning if they plan to reach every star within the game. While the operation has not launched just yet, players are already trying to figure out how to handle such a big task. The group does contain an ex-NASA scientist and several astrophysicists to help out with the monumental task. The group’s mission has not started just yet, so once they do begin, time will tell if they can succeed.

The fourth installment in the Elite series, Elite: Dangerous released in December 2014. As mentioned before, the game features a 1:1 scale open world based on our Milky Way galaxy with 400 billion stars. Elite: Dangerous is the first game in the series to implement massively multiplayer gameplay, with the actions of the players affecting the game’s persistent universe. Despite being a MMO, the game does support single player options. Elite: Dangerous takes place in the year 3300, and keeps the same premise as past titles; players start with a spaceship and a small amount of money. Players have to make their way through the galaxy, providing for themselves either legally or illegally. This can be done through trading, ┬ábounty-hunting, assassination, and piracy. While the game procedurally generates most of the game’s 400 billion stars, 150,000 of the star systems are taken from real-world astronomical data. Each star system is complete with planets and moons that orbit the star in real-time, resulting in day/night cycles.

Elite Dangerous is available for PC.