Windows 10 Spartan browser will feature Cortana integration

The Windows 10 Consumer Preview event is still a couple of weeks away, but luckily we don’t have to wait until then to learn more about the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. A while back, we heard that the tech giant plans to finally get rid of the infamous Internet Explorer and replace it with something entirely new. This new browser will reportedly go by the name ‘Spartan’ and will come with various new and interesting features. Among these features, we should be able to find Cortana integration according to the latest reports. We already knew that Windows 10 will include the Halo-themed personal assistant, but it seems that she will play a bigger role than initially believed.

Initial reports were claiming that we can expect to see a Windows 10 version of Cortana that’s very similar to the one found on Windows Phone. Specifically, the virtual assistant should be available as an app which you can access any time you need help with something. Arguably the most interesting feature of Cortana is that you can issue voice commands and she will try to perform them to the best of her ability. That being said, we’re now learning that there will also be a browser-based version of the assistant, which will provide additional functionality to Spartan.

The full extent of her abilities is unknown as of yet, but at the moment we know that she can help you with things such as package tracking, hotel booking, and even flight tracking. The difference between the two versions of Cortana is that the browser-based one doesn’t make use of voice commands. Instead, she will help you by gathering information in a manner similar to how Google Now does it. Indeed, word has it that the new Windows 10 Spartan browser will be more akin to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, although it’s also said that it will pack some features that are not available on those browsers. We expect to find many more details about Spartan and Windows 10 in general later this month at Microsoft’s Consumer Preview event, which is scheduled to take place on the 21st.