Free uTorrent download: the ups and downs of a free software

Free uTorrent download might just be the most downloaded application of all times, because indeed the free software allows for easy and quick download of torrent files. Even though torrents nowadays are mostly used to rip copyrighted material, we can find many uses for the software with the new updated version. Free uTorrent download does have its ups and downs and some of you might consider upgrading to the premium version called uTorrent Plus.

I wouldn’t advise uTorrent Plus if you are a beginner, because free uTorrent download will certainly do the job for you. It offers a wide range of functions and customizable features, as well as a ton of information about where your files are coming from, what they contain and manipulation tools. You can now attach devices to free uTorrent download and use the app on your mobile device, as well as get great deals on bundles and torrent files from uTorrent partners. Ads are one of the downsides of free uTorrent download, but honestly, I don’t find them very annoying, since they just sit there in the far left corner of the app, and do nothing.

One of the big issues I’ve encountered with free uTorrent download is the fact that it slows down my computer considerably when downloading at top speeds permitted by my service provider. Let me know if you guys are experiencing the same issues in the comments below. Fact of the matter is that free uTorrent download consumes a lot of memory since the last update, version 3.4.2, and no matter how powerful your PC or laptop is, it might slow it down if you’ve a lot of activity in your list. Recent issues with free uTorrent download also include stalemates, where your torrents keep checking themselves and not starting. That can be fixed with a re-install of free uTorrent download, in most cases.

One of my favorite free uTorrent download features is the revamped bundles offering, which offers you a ton of free content from all over the web, starting from games to wallpaper packs and more. You can get movies, music, interviews, albums, documentaries and many more exclusive content. With free uTorrent download, you can get your hands on hundreds of new music albums and EPs released by famous or otherwise artists. You can discover a lot of cool things with Bundles, and it’s definitely one of the best parts of free uTorrent download. What other cool torrent clients do you know of? Sound off in the comments below!