Samsung Galaxy S6 gets another QHD display confirmation

Last year, smartphones with QHD displays such as the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 were seen as innovative, but in 2015 we expect them to become all too common. One of the upcoming flagships rumored to feature such a display is the Samsung Galaxy S6, although at this point it’s much more than just a mere rumor. Reports talking about this have already started surfacing a few months ago but there was little to no evidence to back them up back then. Things have changed quite a bit recently, as a user agent profile of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was spotted on Samsung’s own website.

The UAProf is for the AT&T model of the device and does indeed state that we can expect to see a 1440 x 2560 resolution display on the smartphone. That said, there seem to be some inconsistencies with this UAProf when it comes to the processor. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to come equipped with a 64-bit CPU that’s very likely to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, although there will also be an Exynos 7420 variant. Interestingly, the UAProf lists a 32-bit processor instead of a 64-bit one. This said, it’s a well known fact that Qualcomm ran into some technical issues with the Snapdragon 810 CPU so the listing might be out of date on purpose as a result of that. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was likely equipped with another processor in the early stages of development and the UAProf must still be showing that model.

Given that Google is making a strong push towards 64-bit with Android Lollipop, it’s extremely unlikely that any upcoming flagships would feature processors that don’t offer support for this architecture. As for the display, we’re already pretty certain about its resolution, but we’re still a bit unsure in regards to its size. Most sources, including the AnTuTu benchmark, suggest a 5.5-inch screen for the Samsung Galaxy S6 so we’ll just have to go with that until Samsung says otherwise.