Quantum Break Gets Release Date

Finish game developer Remedy Entertainment is set to release their Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break in the near future. True to Remedy’s track record with previous titles, this ambitious game has teased narrative left and right in an attempt to sell it to gamers as a cinematic experience that will focus heavily on main characters, setting, science, and plot. And with previous titles like Max Payne, featuring the melancholic narrating detective of the same name, and Alan Wake, the best-selling author that can’t help himself from espousing narration, their claims are taken with seriousness from the gaming community.

Much like the SyFy Channel’s Defiance, Quantum Break will attempt the challenging feat of merging a television show with a video game that hope to rely on one another for content as to whether or not it will have an impact on either product remains to be seen. Gameplay that has been shown has come in the form of stage demos, and many in the gaming press have walked away impressed with the visuals that would rival a Michael Bay picture.

According to Crossmap.com Remedy has tackled the development of this upcoming title with the intent of blurring “the line between television and gaming.” Through manipulation of time and physics, players will be able to tap into powers both destructive and creative in three different characters in order to navigate terrain and circumvent the efforts of enemies. While Remedy’s ability to garner favor with players, snatch up awards, and continue to add diverse titles to their portfolio, this will be the first created in conjunction with another entity’s product. With so much riding on this title, Microsoft has given the title much visibility at large press events and hopes to have the game on shelves by Q2 2015.