The Order: 1886 Gets Pre-Order DLC

According to Gamespot, Ready At Dawn, the developers behind the Playstation 4-exclusive title The Order:1886 has announced their game has “gone gold” on their official Twitter account, ending four years of game development from one of the more talked-about titles at recent E3’s and game press events.
Following the methodology of most major developers in recent years, this milestone is the beginning of the DLC process. And for The Order: 1886’s development team that means the creation of pre-order content to be made available through Sony on its marketplace for Playstation 4 players.

For those who have pre-ordered the game, they will receive the Knight’s Arsenal DLC. This pre-order bonus provides players two new costumes for the game’s main protagonist Galahad, which are red-and-black color swaps of the original uniform seen in other The Order: 1886 media. They will also be given two exclusive weapons that include the Arsonist Rifle, a long gun that fires combustible ammunition, and the Arc Rifle Prototype, a red electrical weapon.

As has been the case with many titles in the past, GameStop has its own DLC which is exclusive to customers who pre-order through them. Those who’ve chosen to go down this route will gain access to the Knight’s Endurance Pack. Included is the Desert Khaki uniform, named for its changes to the original uniform, and an Endless Blackwater tonic, which Gamespot has described as the game’s dedicated medkit.
While costumes may provide some value to players, it is nearly certain that the use of new guns and unlimited stores of Blackwater tonic will give the game some replay opportunity by diversifying what players will be able to accomplish on missions. Whether there will be more DLC, whether it’d be tied to the main campaign’s story remains to be seen. But those interested in these DLC packs have until February 20th to pre-order.